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Live Fire Extinguisher Training

The Stafford Fire Marshal's Office is offering training to our community, including high-risk populations; on proper fire extinguisher use with a Bullex Intelligent Training System™ (I.T.S.) using controlled, propane-based fire to recreate an incipient stage fire. The I.T.S. is designed to teach the "P.A.S.S. method" in the cleanest, safest way possible.

Designed with a unique flame-response technology that detects the trainee's aiming and sweeping motion, the system automatically varies the flame in response, providing a realistic training experience. Because the training extinguishers use readily available air and water, instead of costly dry chemicals or co2, multiple trainees can safely train in a single session.

The I.T.S. is a simpler, safer way to provide live fire extinguisher training to everyone in our community. Safely provide employers with OSHA-required fire extinguisher training at the workplace. I.T.S. is ideal for these training opportunities and more.

View the Live Fire Extinguisher Training Brochure (PDF)

Features & Benefits

Training Made Easy

The I.T.S. comes complete with everything you will need for fire extinguisher training. A field rechargeable air/water Smart Extinguisher® eliminates extinguisher recharge costs and the need to clean up dry-chemical after a training session.

Effective Training

Extremely low operating costs mean you can train as many individuals as needed and train as often as you like. Select class A, B or C fires at four different difficulty levels to challenge trainees.

Safe Training

The trainer can control the intensity of the flames and utilize the emergency stop switch on the handheld controller at any time. A motion sensor shuts down the flames instantly if the system is bumped or knocked, making BullEx live-fire training systems the safest live-fire simulators available.


Because there is no longer a need to discharge and recharge costly dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers, BullEx live-fire extinguisher training systems are often more cost-effective.


Uses clean-burning propane gas to generate flame output with no cleanup needed of dangerous and hazardous chemicals associated with actual extinguishers.

Trackable Results

A visual display shows the time of each successful training session, allowing you to track the performance of trainees each year.

Reliable & Durable

The I.T.S. The system is constructed with stainless steel components and designed to withstand repeated use.