Professional Standards & Training

Professional Standards and Training is under the command of the Lieutenant for Professional Standards. In addition to overseeing the hiring of employees and ensuring all training is up to date, the Lieutenant is also responsible for the operations of our Community Liaison Officer, Bailiff.

Office of Professional Standards

  • Our Officer of Professional Standards oversees the hiring of new employees and the investigation of Internal Affair / Citizen Complaints. In addition, the Lieutenant is responsible for training and maintaining TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) records of police department staff.
  • For questions regarding employment, please contact the Lieutenant.
  • Community Liaison Officer

    • The Community Liaison Officer works with our community members to develop community outreach programs that educate and keep our citizens informed.
  • Bailiff
    • Our Bailiff oversees court proceedings for the City of Stafford Municipal Court. The primary responsibility of the bailiff is to maintain order in the courtroom and ensure the safety and security of the judge, court personnel, jurors, and all other persons who are present in the court. When not in court, the bailiff assists by clearing warrants and making phone calls to remind defendants of their court dates and/or that they have a warrant that needs to be taken care of. The bailiff also assists the administrative officer with community contacts and community events.