Alarm Installation Application

The City of Stafford, as noted in Code of Ordinance 1078 Chapter 34 - Alarm Systems, Article II. Alarm Systems requires that all alarm installations hold a valid permit for each alarm or system being installed. Therefore, it shall be unlawful for a person or organization to install an alarm system without a valid permit from the City of Stafford. View Installation Application (PDF)

Installation Fees

  • Residential Alarm Installation Fee: $30.00
  • Commercial Burglar Alarm Installation Fee: $50.00

Once you have installed the Alarm you will need to register the alarm. Please view and download the Burglar/Fire Alarm Permit Application and register the alarm.

Burglar & Fire Alarm Registration

The City of Stafford, as noted in Code of Ordinance 1078, Chapter 34 - Alarm Systems, Article II. Alarm Systems requires all alarms to be registered with the City of Stafford Police Department. This ordinance includes residential alarms, business alarms, and fire alarms. Alarm Permits must be registered on an annual basis and expire on December 31 of each year. View Registration Permit Application (PDF)

The annual renewal guarantees that contact information for your residence or business is kept up to date. Maintaining current data ensures that department personnel will be able to contact a representative in the case of an emergency.

False Alarm Fees may be applied in the case your business or residence exceeds the allotted number of false alarms. You may appeal a ruling of a false alarm activation by submitting an appeal letter and evidence to the Chief of Police.

Registration Fees

  • Residential Alarm Registration: $30.00
  • Commercial Burglar Alarm Panel Registration: $100.00
  • Commercial Fire Alarm Panel Registration: $100.00

False Alarm Fees (Police Department)

  • 3 FREE False Alarms per Calendar Year
  • 4 to 7 False Alarms: $50 / Each
  • 8 or More False Alarms: $100 / Each

False Alarm Fees (Fire Department)

  • 3 Free False Alarms per Calendar Year
  • 4 to 7 False Alarms: $175 / Each
  • 8 or More False Alarms: $250 / Each

Solicitor Permit Application

The City of Stafford, as noted in Code of Ordinance Section 18 – Businesses, Article IV – Itinerant Vendors, Peddlers, and Solicitors, requires that salespersons conducting door-to-door sales apply for a Solicitor Permit. This does not include persons who are associated with a fundraiser or those that are hanging door placards/flyers. View Permit Application (PDF)

The Registration Statement requires information on each of the individuals working under this application. Review the “Check List” on page 3 for documents and information that must be included in your Registration packet. A $25.00 non-refundable application fee per solicitor is required.

A conviction of Moral Turpitude may disqualify you from the application process.

Ride Along Release & Application

The Stafford Police Department offers Ride Alongs to persons interested in the day-to-day workings of the department. Interested persons must complete the Ride-Along Release and Application form. The Stafford Police Department will perform a background check on all Ride Along with Applicants. View Ride Along Release (PDF)

Residential Inventory List

In the event of a home burglary or other natural disaster, an inventory of your valuables will serve to aid law enforcement, insurance companies, and other government agencies. The Stafford Police Department asks that you complete, maintain, and keep handy the Residential Inventory List. This information allows law enforcement personnel to track pawnshop transactions and recover stolen property. If the property does not include serial numbers, we suggest using an engraving device to engrave your Texas Driver’s License or Identification Numbers on the property. View Residential Inventory List (PDF)

Open Records Request

View Open Records Request Form

Clearance Letters & Certificates

The Stafford Police Department, upon request, will complete Clearance Letters / Certificates to current and past residents. Clearance Letters / Certificates are often needed to provide proof of good standing in Immigration cases, Adoptions, and International Travel. Proof of residency must be presented to complete the Clearance Letter / Certificates; this includes a valid Texas Driver’s License or Identification Card for current residents and utility bills or lease agreements for past residents.

Crash Report

You may obtain a copy of a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report by visiting the Texas Department of Transportation Crash Report Online Purchase System. Customers using the online system receive their report(s) immediately if the report is available for purchase. There is a minimal surcharge for using this system.