Proposed Community Education & Activity Program

The City of Stafford is in the early stages of developing a program to serve the needs of the citizens of Stafford.

We hope to have a year-round program to meet the desires of our citizens. We anticipate starting slowly and using volunteers to coordinate these programs. We will be soliciting input as to what types of programs the community desires. Some examples of these programs could be swimming lessons for children and adults, exercise classes, dancing lessons, driver's education, water aerobics, card games, domino games, art classes, meditation, and flower arranging to name just a few examples. The type of activities is limitless. In order to be successful, we will need your help and participation.

Please stay tuned as we move forward with this effort to meet the desires of our citizens. Through the years many citizens have inquired as to the feasibility of the City providing this type of program. Now is the time for everyone to get behind this effort and bring it to fruition. City Council has shown a great interest in this effort and is supportive of seeing it evolve.

Please contact Ms. Susan Ricks with your comments and ability to volunteer. Ms. Ricks can be reached at 281-499-5763 or Email the Civic Center.