Pre-Development Services

Are you contacting the City of Stafford because you are interested in hearing more about economic development opportunities in the city and have a development or site in mind? If so, visit the Stafford Economic Development Corporation's website for more information.

Are you contacting the City of Stafford because you want to expand the inside or outside of your building or you want to sell property you own and this requires platting, plan reviews and/or permits? If so, schedule a Pre-Development Meeting with Tatyana Luttenschlager, City Planner. To ensure all parties' time is best utilized, research the following information on the City's Website in relation to the property you are representing before scheduling a meeting with City Staff:

Once you have completed your research, complete the Pre-Application Conference Meeting Request (PDF) and email the request to Thomas Coon, City Planner. This meeting will be scheduled within seven business days from the date of your request.