City Council

City Council adopts the laws and policies of the City. They review and act on the annual budget presented by the Mayor. They have the authority to approve or deny the Mayor's appointments to boards, commissions, and staff.

Agendas & Minutes

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  1. Alice Chen - City Council Member Pos. 1

    Alice C. Chen

    Council Member - Position 1

  1. Virginia Rosas - temp City Council photo

    Virginia Rosas

    Council Member - Position 2

  1. William K. Bostic, Jr. - City Council Member Pos. 3

    William K. Bostic Jr.

    Council Member - Position 3

  1. Christopher Caldwell - temp City Council photo

    Christopher Caldwell

    Council Member - Position 4

  1. Xavier Herrera - City Council Member Pos. 5

    Xavier Herrera

    Mayor Pro Tem - Position 5

  1. Tim Wood - temp City Council photo

    Tim Wood

    Council Member - Position 6