William K. Bostic Jr.

City Council
Title: Council Member - Position 3
W. Bostic

William Bostic Jr. is a proud public servant and lifelong resident of the City of Stafford.

Currently working as an Urban Planner for Crown Castle Inc., a major telecommunications infrastructure company headquartered in Houston, TX. He recently received his Master’s in Business Administration from Rice University (2022).

Since 2012, he has been a Commissioner for the City of Stafford Planning and Zoning Commission and served as Chairman from (2021 – 2022). Alongside his role on the Commission, he was a Case Manager at the United States Courts – Southern District of Texas. He gained valuable experience in all forms of law, including Bankruptcy, Civil, and Criminal proceedings at the nation’s largest consolidated federal court system.

He attended Stafford MSD and the University of Michigan, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (2010) and a Master’s in Urban Planning (2012). During his time on campus, he was a Linebacker for the University of Michigan Football Team from 2006 to 2008. His passion for public service and sports led him to serve as the Co-Director of the Scholarship Committee on the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Houston. He is also a member of the Texas Association of Sports Officials, a referee for Texas High School Football and Basketball, and a former substitute teacher.

As a lifelong resident of the City of Stafford, he is passionate about making government more accessible to the people and pursuing innovative policies that will improve the quality of life for Stafford residents.

Term expires: May 2025


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