Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning Division

The City Planning and Zoning Division oversees current and long-range planning functions. This includes site plan applications, specific use permits, variances, re-zonings and zoning, and comprehensive plan amendments. The Division coordinates with various public reviewing agencies such as Engineering, Public Works, Building, Fire, Utilities, and Health Department. Through this review process, the Planning and Zoning Division endeavors to support predictable land use planning patterns and aesthetically pleasing development, while achieving and maintaining the desired level of service expected by the patrons of the City.


Plans are created to ensure city-wide goals and strategies are obtained in alignment with future needs and forecasted expenditures. Plans create partnerships with surrounding cities, counties, regional bodies, and state agencies in an effort to achieve a practical list of actions suitable to standards that must be followed. Plans enable civic leaders, businesses, and citizens to play a meaningful role in creating communities that enrich the quality of life.

The City of Stafford has conducted several planning efforts with the public's input to communicate the City's vision to all who live, work and play here.

The following plans have been created by the Houston-Galveston Area Council and reference the City of Stafford.

  • Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
  • Fort Bend County Subregional Plan

Comprehensive Zoning

The City of Stafford adopted a Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance in 1997 to regulate the use of land in the City of Stafford City limits. The Ordinance classifies uses of land into zones. Uses in established zones are required to follow allowances with regards to height, area, architecture, landscaping, and signage among other categories. Zoning sets out to establish minimum standards for the use of the land and promotes the health, safety, and general welfare of the city and its residents.

View the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (PDF)

Zoning Map

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Pre Application Conference

Prior to the initiation of a new development application, it is recommended that potential applicants, architects, developers, and/or contractors schedule a pre-application meeting. The pre-application meeting is an informal meeting in which the applicant and review staff discuss issues related to the project concept. The purpose of this meeting should be to communicate to the reviewing staff, the decision-makers, and the public what is proposed and how the proposal meets or complies with the City's Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan. View the Pre Application Conference Meeting request (PDF).

To schedule a pre-application meeting email Email Thomas Coon, City Planner.

Zoning Verification Letters

When a Zoning Verification Letter is requested on a property, planning and zoning staff will perform a search of City records in order to provide specific information, such as the current/past zoning, applicable zoning district regulations pursuant to the decisions of governing bodies, whether there are open code violations and/or complaints, and whether there are existing non-conformities. View the Zoning Verification Letter (PDF).