Interactive Maps

Business Parks

Find and view business parks in the City. For additional economic development-related maps, view the Stafford Economic Development Corporation's Maps and Data page.

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Future Land Use

Learn more about future land use in the City and ETJ.

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Master Thoroughfare Plan

View the City's Master Thoroughfare Plan to learn more about transportation and connectivity in the City.

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Explore parcel data from the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District and the Harris County Appraisal District. Includes parcel data for the City and ETJ.

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Find your nearest City park and learn more about it!

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Residential Services

Find your trash collection days, what subdivision you live in, and more! Simply find your home on the map and click on it or type in your address in the search box..

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Street Department Activity

Find out more about what the City's Street Department has been up to! From new sidewalks to fixing traffic signals, you can find activity by month on this map.

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Zip Codes

Explore zip codes in the 13 county H-GAC region.

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View and explore zoning designations, zoning revisions, and special use permits in the City.

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Locate and learn more about permits in your area of the City, both completed and in progress.

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