Citizen Police Academy

Citizen Police AcademyThe Citizen's Police Academy has been designed to provide our community with a greater understanding of the Stafford Police Department and its operations. Class lectures and hands-on experiences guide the members through the investigation process from initial contact to the final criminal prosecution. Instructors will provide insight into the inner operations of law enforcement services, including; SWAT, Hostage Negotiations, and the Special Crime Unit. The goal and purpose of the Citizen's Police Academy are to provide a structured program that increases understanding and communication between the citizens and the department. The program also provides the department the opportunity to learn from the participants through open discussion and interaction among instructors and classmates. The main goal is to make this an informative and enjoyable experience for all those involved. By building our relationship with the community we serve, the department hopes to make the City of Stafford a great place to live and work. View the Citizen Police Academy Brochure (PDF).

Applicants must complete the below Citizens Police Academy application before being considered for the program.

View the Citizen Police Academy Application (PDF).